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During these unprecedented times, many medical facilities are lacking enough masks and PPEs for healthcare workers to treat COVID19 patients. With a simple donation, you can contribute to the fight against COVID19. Thank you for your support.

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With your support in E2E, we can organize and plan projects aimed to solve any problem or issue in today’s society, and educate and empower others to continue the project and spread the word. As a result, not only do we create a trouble-free society, but we also create educated and impactful citizens who are capable of solving any problem should they arise.

During these unprecedented times, E2E provides a great opportunity for the youth to contribute to the fight against COVID19 by raising funds for masks and PPEs. Our goal is to spread awareness about our initiative globally and provide the resources for the youth to create their own fundraisers locally. However, we have plans for more initiatives following the pandemic!

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Here are some frequently asked questions about our current initiative!

E2E provides a great opportunity for the youth to raise money for masks and PPEs for local health facilities. Without these necessary supplies, healthcare workers cannot treat COVID19 patients effectively. By supporting our initiative, you will support these hospitals with sufficient supplies to fight against COVID19. As a result, will save those infected with the virus and prevent frontline workers from contracting the disease.

If you plan to register as a Youth Volunteer Partner, you will gain more visibility on your current service projects. If you plan to register as a Youth Volunteer Leader, you will develop collaboration, project management, and organizational skills when designing initatives for E2E. Either way, you will gain experience in a leadership role and have the opportunity to better serve your community.

Go to the top of this page and choose whether you wish to be a Youth Volunteer Partner or Youth Volunteer Leader. After that, click on the respective buttons and fill out the form with your details. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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Support our current initiative by donating to raise money for masks in health facilities!


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